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Institutions and organizations are increasingly searching for professional profiles skilled in concepts and methods for policy evaluation and strategic decision making. The Master aims to satisfy this growing demand focusing on the most modern Big Data technologies and on the data modelling opportunities offered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence cutting edge tools.

These new data science tools, paired with more traditional statistical methodologies, offer a unique perspective to support decision making in the context of public policy evaluation but also attentive to highest-level strategic decisions in the corporate field.

The aim is to train professionals capable of carrying out advanced data analysis and policy evaluation functions, mastering the main methodologies for predictive- and causal analysis, for complex systems modelling, and for the monitoring of economic systems and markets through indicators derived from statistical surveys and Big Data sources.

Working with big data requires a highly interdisciplinary and professional set of competencies. All these skills will be developed through a mix of learning modes: lectures, seminars, laboratories and group project work. The training path is characterized by a strong applied component and pushes students towards a hands-on approach.

In addition, the Master has a strong international faculty that contributes to the personal and professional growth of students, the sharing of ideas and the development of an international network.


  • Mix of lectures, seminars, laboratories and group project work

  • Applied approach based on real data

  • Based on open source frameworks for Big Data management, Python and R

  • International and multidisciplinary faculty

  • Target audience: recent university graduates from developed and developing countries; officials and professionals in the public and private sectors; UN agencies, foundations and NGOs




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