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Tuition fee & SCHOLARSHIPS

The tuition fee is set at € 5.000,00 to be paid in n.3 installments. A limited number of scholarships will be available, consisting of a reduction in the tuition fee.

Tuition fee 

The tuition fee is set at € 5.000,00

The payment of the tuition fee will be splitted in three installments, as follows:

  • 1st instalment at the university enrollment together with the service fees (around 20 euro): € 3.000,00 
  • 2nd instalment by 15/03/2024: € 1.000,00 
  • 3rd instalment by 15/05/2024: € 1.000,00 


A limited number of scholarships will be available, consisting of a reduction in the tuition fee.
The Scientific Committee will allocate them upon request, taking into consideration economic needs and the submission of an income statement.
To apply for the scholarships, it will be necessary to complete the designated Google form for the course application.
Italian students will be required to submit their ISEE form, based on which an initial evaluation will be made.
Scholarships are subject to fund availability.


The eleventh edition of the QS Best Student Cities ranking sees Turin positioned at 67th place in the world. The only Italian city to have been added to the ranking, it has obtained the highest score in Italy for the indicators "Affordability" and "Student Voice" (Students' Opinions).

According to the ranking, Turin is the most affordable university city in Italy, and ranks 66th in the world. This shows that Turin offers an excellent student experience at a lower cost than other Italian cities.

Students should cover accommodation and travel costs by their own.

Accommodation informations are available visiting the following portals:

- My Sweet Home

- Study in Torino

- Turismo Torino

- Cerco Alloggio

- Turin House

- Abitare Sociale

- San Salvario House

- Casa Oasi

For more informations Click here.

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